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Ottawa's Thriving Retirement Community

Rooms Available Early 2017

Help your loved one make the right decision. Visit Stillwater and explore our vibrant retirement community.

Luxurious Amenities
Our onsite beauty salon, tuck shop, a vast library, entertainment center, roof top patio, beautiful outdoor grounds and internet access - provide Residents a comforting lifestyle.
Choose From 3 Living Options 
The 200-Unit complex provides flexible living options for seniors of all ages and abilities.
Delicious Meals
Our professional red seal chefs enjoying cooking as much as our Residents enjoy the food.  And weekly menus ensure Residents never miss their favourite meal.
Daily Group Activities
Our spacious common areas, lounges and entertainment center provide many options for group activities. While our luxury bus makes shopping and outdoor trips a breeze.
Hear What Our Residents Say
The warm community and large complex is best 
Independent Living
Our spacious apartments, daily group activities and flexible meal plans offer worry-free living. 
Senior Residental Living
Onsite registered nursing staff, daily activities and a group dining experience  provide a well-rounded lifestyle. 
Full-Service Assisted Living 
Loved ones can rest easy with our assisted living facilities which provide full physical and cognitive care. 

All programs living options are flexible based on each Resident's needs. 

Mary Johnson,
Happy Resident since Dec. 22, 2006
"Stillwater Creek is just like your own house, but people are there if you need help. I have enjoyed every day at Stillwater. Staff is great, food is good with plenty of choice, lots to do."
Jane and Doug Castleman, 
Happy Resident since April 22, 2008

The staff treats us like Kings and Queens. Harold and I enjoy all the activities, especially the Monday morning Mystery Drive, and going out for lunches. There are lots of options regarding the menu; if you don’t like the meal, staff bend over backwards to please you. 


2018 Robertson Rd, Ottawa Ontario K2H 1C6
Available: 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday


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Explore the Benefits of Stillwater Creek 
Our library, large courtyards, group activities and passionate chefs  are the foundation of our community.